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Чёрная вдова

The Black Widow

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Name:Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova
Birthdate:Oct 21

Black Widow

Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Called: Natasha Romanoff
Alias: The Black Widow (Чёрная вдова)
Affiliation: SHIELD or The Avengers
Birth date: Unkown
Age: Unknown

Biographical/Personality Information:

Natalia is called by her nickname Natasha. Many call her “Romanoff” because they are unaware that Romanova is the female version of the Russian surname. Considering her line of work, the masculine use has never been corrected. Little is known about her background, but she was already the Black Widow before she joined SHIELD.

Clint is regarded at her ‘redemption’ and the one that got her recruited by SHIELD. She is very close to him and extremely protective. At one point in her life, she relied on no one and cared little to nothing about human life. As she calls it “red in her ledger”. As Loki said… the ledger is bleeding.

Natasha prefers to work as a spy, taking on the cover of another identity lets her forget who she really is. She doesn’t have to deal with the regret of her past when she’s allowed to be someone else. But she knows when she has to be herself. And that’s when she has to be undistracted and fully The Black Widow.

MCU/Marvel 616 Notes:

Currently she will play either verse. I am working on reading more about her Marvel verse and going from there. I have read all of the movie comics and they’ve not revealed her full background, so much of it will be pulled from the Marvel comics verse until more is revealed.


I do not own the character (she belongs to Marvel), nor am I Scarlett Johannson. Both the muse and the mun are over 18 years of age.

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